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Our Key Practices  
Arbitration & ADR

Our Arbitration and ADR team is engaged in domestic and international arbitrations.  We represent clients as arbitrators and arbitration counsel.
Our lawyers possess detailed knowledge of arbitration institutions, applicable rules, regulations and practices.  We represent clients under various rules of international arbitration including those of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, the International Chamber of Commerce, the London Court of International Arbitration, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law.  We also evaluate the interplay of applicable laws, sovereign immunity, international treaties and their impact on the outcome of matters and the enforcement of arbitral awards.
Our arbitration practice has worked on disputes in the following areas including banking, contracts, corporate and commercial, joint ventures, shareholder disputes, distributorship, employment, finance and property.
In addition to handling arbitrations, we assist clients to negotiate and draft arbitration agreements, and advise on the best choice of forum and choice of law and ensure the highest chances of enforceability should a dispute arise.
In matters which are subject to foreign law, we work in close cooperation with local leading law firms to ensure that the best possible advice and assistance are provided to our clients.
Our lawyers also have extensive experience in other forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, conciliation and negotiation.